Dr. Devon Acou


Diet?  What will I eat?

When new patients come to me, diet is by far the most difficult thing for them to change.

Altering the way you eat brings up all kinds of questions. The way we eat, like much of our lives, is a habit. And changing habits can be scary. But here’s why I’m asking you to give it a try.

You’re here because something isn’t right with you. So, do me a favor, and grab a piece of paper, and write down what it is. Now, keep that list going, and record, from head to toe, every issue you’re going through, from mental fuzziness and brittle hair to ankle pain and yellow toenails. At the bottom of the list, write down the date that’s 120 days away from when you started.

Now, stick that list on your fridge, and try my diet out for the next four months.

Again, changing your eating habit isn’t easy, and you’re going to have some “slip ups” as you get used to your new lifestyle. But I have yet to see one patient who says “well, my ________ cleared up,  but I’d really rather have wheat and sugar and just deal with it.”

Once you have the energy level and vitality that you’re meant to, bad food becomes much less of a temptation (hey, I never said it would go away).

So, here’s what you should be eating.


Protein and Vegetables

Eat three to five meals of protein and vegetables per day.  Eating smaller more frequent meals through out the days helps to balance your blood sugar.  Free-range, wild caught, organic and/or grass-fed meats are best.  Organic, local, vegetables are great.  Avoid corn (it’s a grain not a vegetable), and potatoes.  One baked potato has the same amount of sugar as one can of Coke.

Proteins include:
Red meat Poultry Fish Eggs
Beef Turkey Salmon Whole Egg – Yokes, Whites
Lamb Chicken Cod
Venison Duck Mackerel
Buffalo Pheasant Halibut
Pork Trout
Elk Shellfish

Obviously, avoid any food that causes an allergic reaction.



Eat it don’t drink it! This is a big paradigm shift for people, so let me explain. The vast majority of juice is made from overripe, moldy fruit that no one would ever buy in a store. When you buy a bottle of juice, odds are you’re just buying rotten fruit that a corporation couldn’t profit from any other way.

Also, guzzling fruit juice tends to shock the pancreas. It’s simply more than the body was meant to process. Think about those drinks that claim to contain something like “71 apples, 104 pears, 37 strawberries and a pineapple.” If you sat down and ate that much fruit in a single sitting, how do you think you’d feel…good, or terrible? Well, that’s how your pancreas feels when trying to process that much fruit in juice form. It’s just overwhelming.

It’s best to eat fruit as a snack away from protein.  If you are trying to loose weight it’s best to avoid fruit all together.  Fruit sugar turns into fructose and fructose go right to fat cells.


Fats And Cooking

Cook with butter, coconut oil, lard/bacon grease.  Choose a substance that is a solid at room temperature.  Use olive oil for making salad dressings NEVER cook with it.  When you heat up olive oil it breaks the chemical bonds and turns the oil into trans fats.  Trans fats are very bad for your body.  Never ever use margarine, butter substitutes, canola oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, Crisco, PAM, vegetable oil, or partially hydrogenated oils, to cook with or to eat.



A Celtic Sea Salt is your best option.  Table salt only has sodium, and chloride.  Celtic Sea Salt has more trace minerals then just sodium and chloride.  You can season your food to taste.  For more on this, see my blog post on salt.


It is best to drink .66 your body weight in oz per day. Meaning if you weigh 150 lbs. you need to drink at least 99 oz of water a day. You need more if you are exercising or sweating.  The best water for your body is spring water. Crystal Geyser and  Hinckley Springs are two common quality water brands that can be found in many stores.  Avoid tap water, and reverse osmosis filtered water.


AVOID AT ALL COSTS the “5 Fingers of Death”

1. Sugar: NO high fructose corn syrup, agave, artificial sweeteners such as Sucralose (Splenda), Aspartame (NutraSweet and Equal), Cyclamates, Acesulfame-K (Sunette), Saccharin (Sweet & Low).  Avoid: candy, cookies, ice, cream, cakes, soda, or brownies.
Allowed sweeteners in moderation honey, molasses, real maple syrup, stevia and coconut palm sugar.

2. Wheat

Avoid Wheat/gluten especially if you have inflammation anywhere in your body, intestinal issues, mental or emotional problems, thyroid dysfunction, and if you would like to avoid a myriad of issues that affect many Americans today.

Gluten free flour isn’t too hard to find these days. You can also use cashew meal or almond meal as flour subsitutes.  Use substiutions sparingly, and don’t fall into the trap of eating a lot of gluten free baked goods instead of meats and vegetables.

3. Soy

Despite the hype surrounding soy, it’s technically a hormone, not a food (let that sink in).  This hormone, simply put,  turns guys into girls and girls into guys.  And it takes more then one stomach to digest properly.  Unless you’re a cow, I recommend that you don’t consume any soy.  Approximately 95% of all American soy crops are genetically modified, including some that are labeled organic.

4. Dairy

Avoid cow’s milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, and American made cheese. Goat’s milk has the closest makeup to human breast milk.  (You were designed to drink milk from a human not an animal).

It’s best to buy raw (unpasteurized) milk and raw cheese .  Substitutes include: coconut milk, almond milk or goat milk.

5. Corn

Over 85% of American corn crops are genetically modified, even if labeled organic.  And, as a reminder, corn is a grain, not a vegetable.

How Frequent Do I Eat?

In order to maintain a stable blood sugar though out the day and boost your metabolism eat six small meals a day.  You can eat threemain meals and then snacks in between.  It’s best to eat every 2 to 3 hours.  Your meals need to have protein and vegetables.  Snacks can be, (but are not limited to) fruit by itself, veggies, jerky, or organic lunch meats, or bacon (yes, bacon is allowed).